DQ Offshore maximises prospects with energy sales tool

DQ Offshore maximises prospects with energy sales tool

Aberdeen-based DQ Offshore is a commercial intelligence company opening the door to global business opportunities. Their combined business model acts as an energy sales tool, giving companies a competitive edge. The team of experts provide a business development service, allowing access to early sales leads. By signing up to “DQ Intel” on their website, businesses can follow weekly leads and be the first to hear about the latest Oil and Gas projects and contracts.

As information is more accessible from larger operators, DQ Offshore differentiates their offering with a small operator focus. DQ Offshore has built a strong network of clients over the years and established relationships with industry decision makers.

 “We supply project data for upcoming projects far in advance of their tendering phases, when they’re still in their infancy. DQ Intel puts this information on the sales radar for companies to go out and pursue.”

The team attends key Oil and Gas events, utilising their network to funnel upstream leads to clients. This creates significant cost savings for companies with limited budgets. With DQ Offshore’s assistance, information is available directly without the need for travel, accommodation and event fees.

Additional savings are created through the time spent on sales activities. For businesses with a smaller network and geographical reach, a subscription to DQ Intel can be more efficient. It presents the initial research in a fraction of the time it would take for a business development person to obtain.

In addition to the DQ Intel tool, DQ Offshore offers a full business development package. Their consultancy service combines the skills of 8 business development experts who can act as a representative. DQ Offshore can support companies throughout the initial sales process, setting up new opportunities and introductions on their behalf.

Clients can choose to use the DQ Intel tool on its own or combine the consultancy service for maximum potential. DQ Offshore can work with clients to tailor a package to suit their individual needs.

The team are amongst a hub of engineering in the city. With substantial work in Europe and Africa being delivered from Aberdeen, DQ Offshore are well placed at the epicentre of Oil and Gas. However, the company also plans to expand globally, adding employees in the Middle East and Mexico.


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